Four lost souls wandering the streets of Las Vegas
If not for you, winter would have no spring,I couldn’t hear the robins sing.I just wouldn’t have a clue,anyway it wouldn’t ring true if not for you.
If not for you, my sky would fall, rain would gather too.Without your love I’d be nowhere at all,I’d be lost if not for you, and you know it’s true.
Anonymous said:
Hi! I was just wondering, would it be possible to post TK lyrics at the bottom of your photos? Then they would match the picture! Thank you so much, and well done on all of the pictures you post, because they all look amazing - keep up the great work! :)

Alright, maybe in later post I’ll do it

If not for you, baby, I’d lay awake all night,wait for the morning light to shine in through.But it will not be new if not for you.
If not for you, babe, I couldn’t find the door,couldn’t even see the floor.I’d be sad and blue if not for you.
True love can make a blade of grass,stand up straight and tall, in harmony with the cosmic sea, true love needs no company.
Oh, winds which rush my tale to thee, so it may flow and be to each his own, it’s all unknown, if dogs run free.
The best is always yet to come, that’s what they explain to me.Just do your thing, you’ll be king if dogs run free.

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If dogs run free, then why not we across the swooping plain ?My ears hear a symphony of two mules, trains and rain.
When I pay the debt I oweto the commissary store,I will pawn my watch and chain and go home.
If you miss the train I’m on,count the days I’m gone,you will hear that whistle blow a hundred miles.